7 rooms with double beds

The 7 double bed rooms, an invitation to relax and recharge your batteries

Comfort, calm and top-of-the-range equipment in the 7 rooms for one or two people can only contribute to your relaxation and relaxation. Unless you prefer to start with a visit to the "spa de l'Aigre" with its hydro-massaging jets!

We have taken care of the personalized decoration of each room to combine the best of comfort and charm. Thus, the carpets with their unique designs are the work of an exceptional decorator.

Each room can accommodate one or two people in a double bed of 1.60 m by 2 m. The same quality bedding, treated against dust mites, equips the seven rooms of our luxury rental, in the beautiful countryside of the Loir valley.

As in each of the rooms of our luxury rental, a flat screen television is at your disposal.

Each independent 6 square metre bathroom, made of noble materials, stone and wood, offers you a shower, two basins placed on a custom-made piece of furniture and separate toilets.

Discover our bedrooms for 1 or 2 people

On the ground floor :

  •  François 1er  (28 m2) Sky Blue

On the first floor :

  • The Yron  -  (20 m2) Green
  • The Ozanne  -  (14 m2) Blue
  • The Egvonne  -  (16 m2) Pink
  • The Yerre  -  (15 m2) Blue
  • The Loir -  (21 m2) Deep Blue Violet
  • The Conie  -  (14 m2) Gold Brown
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